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Tarjoamme kaikki skandinaaviset IPTV-kanavat (mukaan lukien Viasat ja Cmore).

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Meillä on myös skandinaavinen VOD (elokuvat ja sarjat) skandinaavisilla tekstityksillä.

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Kaikissa VOD-elokuvissamme on Skandinavian tekstitykset.

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Olemme ainoa IPTV-palveluntarjoaja, jolla on
– 7 päivää Catchup TV
– 7 päivää Timeshift

⑧ Skandinavian IPTV-palveluntarjoaja on skandinaavinen IPTV-palveluntarjoaja, jolla on ruotsinkielinen tukitiimi.


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mag 256 reset button

Emergency Recovering with Service Button MAG256 | STB Linux ……/mag256/emergency-recovering-with-service-buttonmag256

Emergency Recovering with Service Button MAG256, Purpose of service button
Reset to factory settings – if some STB settings do not allow to boot, you may …

System Recovery Utility MAG256 | STB Linux & WebKit MAG256…/mag256/system-recovery-utility-mag256

System Recovery Utility MAG256, System Recovery Utility menu is intended to
receive … video output mode and graphics resolution, reset STB to the factory
settings, … Push and hold Menu button on RC (it should be directed straight to

MAG256Reset to default settings, boot mode change – Help Desk boot-mode-change

Oct 17, 2017 MAG256Reset to default settings, boot mode change … STB load from first U-
boot – Press and hold service button, power on STB. Wait until …

Factory reset a Mag 250 , Mag 254 or Mag 256 – YouTube 2, 20165 minUploaded by Take me to the Geek
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Mag Box Help Tutorials : How to reset your MAG box to factory ……/mag…/resetmag-box-factory-settings/

Without releasing «menu» button reconnect the power to the MAG IPTV box. …
We are not responsible for any issues a factory reset may cause to your box.

Factory reset Mag256 | Techkings

Hi, I have tried to do a factory reset on a Mag256 by following these … I have held
the f/n button in for ages and nothing happens, has anyone …

Mag 256 stuck on infomir screen | Techkings…/mag256-stuck-on-infomir-screen.131085/

Having just switched to fibre broadband this morning my mag box … the box
while pressing menu button got the menu up factory reset and now …

MAG 256/257 Technical Issues – IPTV Community…/page-14

May 4, 2018 How does MAG 256 work for you when it is restarted. Are you … After 5 times
blinking of right (red lighted) On/Off button the reset is done (all …

How to enter the BIOS setup (bootloader menu) MAG-200/250 menu/

mag 250, mag 250 iptv, mag 250 reset bios, mag 254, STBX mag 250 bios, mag
250 bootloader, … Press and hold “Menu” button on RC (direct your RC to STB).

MAG254 Remote Control – MAG Box User Guide by Mennyfix

Press the «On/Off» and «A/V» buttons at the same time and hold it for 2 seconds.
Reset. Press SETUP and OK button at same time and hold for 2 seconds red …

MAG 256 first thoughts – Google Groups…/8bYD2idV2AA

Cant select 'time shift' button to allow local time shift in settings. … If you start a
movie from video club, then stop quickly, the MAG256 crashes, needs hard reset.

Magbox not going past boot menu , black screen mag 256 : IPTV – Reddit…/magbox_not_going_past_boot_menu_black_ screen_mag/

I've tried resetting via the button but no joy it powers on loads up the informir
screen say it's finding network etc and then the screen goes…

remind me feature does nothing when button is pressed and maybe…/1204-remind-me-feature-does-nothing- when-button-is-pressed-and-maybe-bug/

Mar 14, 2018 I did a factory reset as well. Thank you … Ok the remind me button does nothing, i
assume it's provider specific? 2. … But if this feature is working on a MAG box and
not MYTVOnline, it is something we are interested in fixing.

The Remote Control – Mag 254 User Manual [Page 6] – ManualsLib…

MAG 254 Manual Online: The Remote Control. There are three … Pressing the
same button brings you back to the channel you watched last. INFORMATION …

Cant raise volume with my mag256 remote – IPTVZETA – NFPS IPTV…/mag256mag257/26677-cant-raise-volume-with-my- mag256-remote

After feb 27 update my mag256 remote dont allowed me to raise … Try to press
and hold Setup and OK buttons until the red led blinks to reset …

What is the parental lock code on my set top box? – Support Centre…/208127415-What-is-the-parental-lock-code -on-my-set-top-box-

The default PIN code is 0000. If you have changed it and forgotten the PIN for
your Freesat or Freeview unit you can reset it. Go to the…

SOLVED: MAG 254 remote control not working. ? – Fixya…/t26311846-mag_254_remote_control_not_working

HI, You can find a new and cheap replacement here:

IPTV Help – Mon to Fri 11 to 7 Sat,Sun 11.00 to 5.00

Your mag 250/254/256 now can be operated by mag250 remote android apps. …
Goto menu > setting > restart portal, Once u press ok, keep press set button.

Mag 256 W1 IPTV Set-Top Box With 150mb/s Built-In Wi-Fi & HDMI ……-/264119198273


 Rating: 4.5 – 14 reviews – $118.99 – In stock

New Infomir Mag 256 w1 IPTV/OTT Set-Top Box WiFi 2.4Ghz Built … Mag 256W1
Supports HEVC, Much faster than MAG 254 & 322 …. Product Key Features ….
Does not work; even after using new cable, pressing reset button and pressing
the …