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② Kaikki Skandinavian televisiokanavat

Tarjoamme kaikki skandinaaviset IPTV-kanavat (mukaan lukien Viasat ja Cmore).

③ Skandinaavinen VOD

Meillä on myös skandinaavinen VOD (elokuvat ja sarjat) skandinaavisilla tekstityksillä.

④ Skandinaaviset tekstitykset

Kaikissa VOD-elokuvissamme on Skandinavian tekstitykset.

⑤ 100% anonyymi hyväksyy vain 100% anonyymit maksutavat.

⑤ Nopea tuki

Tukitiimimme vastaa yleensä kaikkiin sähköpostiviesteihin tunnin kuluessa.

⑦ Catchup TV, Timeshift

Olemme ainoa IPTV-palveluntarjoaja, jolla on
– 7 päivää Catchup TV
– 7 päivää Timeshift

⑧ Skandinavian IPTV-palveluntarjoaja on skandinaavinen IPTV-palveluntarjoaja, jolla on ruotsinkielinen tukitiimi.


iptv laillisuus iptv suomessa

IPTV 1 kuukausi
170 FIM
+2000 TV-kanavaa
+2000 VOD
Ruotsi puhuu tukea
Chat-tuki 24/7
100% anonyymi
Osta nyt!
IPTV 12 kuukautta
520 FIM
+2000 TV-kanavaa
+2000 VOD
Ruotsi puhuu tukea
Chat-tuki 24/7
100% anonyymi
Osta nyt!

Kokeile IPTV-palveluamme ilmaiseksi

Hae ilmainen testitili ja katsele kaikkia Skandinavian TV-kanavia!

Hanki yli 2000 televisiokanavaa ja 2000 VOD!

iptv-vastaanotin suomen iptv kanavat

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mag 254 epg iptv

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Tested and working on a MAG 254 w2 with the latest updates.

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EPG function (Electronic Program Guide) allows to display the program guide in
user interface. 1. Open tab IPTV channels. 2. Choose EPG. 3. Press button Add …

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254 … Aug 18, 2017 8:22 pm. EPG not working on my Mag 254.

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May 25, 2017 Can someone explain how to set EPG, times to correspond to times of programs.
Changing time zone to compensate seems to have no effect, …

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Do you specify xmltv id = 1 for channel "Channel 1" when you edit this channel
on the "IPTV channels" page? Now, on the MAG254 boxes, I cant get the EPG to

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LIVE TV channels. Have a look at our … Yes, we aren't offer EPG at the moment.

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My EPG problem is that it doesn't show the channel numbers. It just shows the
numbers 0 through 9. Also, the time is in a 24 hour format rather …

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If you want epg for stalker or other solution add me to skype visioniptv. Sign in to
reply … Now, on the MAG254 boxes, I cant get the EPG to show up. Someone …

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Instructions: How to add m3u file to Mag Box 250/254/275 1. Save the m3u file
your-email-address.m3u on your flash Memory 2. Connect the flash Memory into

How to Set up a Full-featured IPTV/OTT Service: Stalker Middleware

This article describes how to install free open source IPTV/OTT Middleware … it to
watch free* IPTV and Internet channels on a set-top box, or to record EPG and TV
channels. stalker …. I'm sure you have a MAG set-top box at hand, don't you?

Setup | Official Vader Streams

EPG 1 – … IPTV Guide … Mag 254+. Go to,
login, click “Preferences” at the top, scroll to the bottom, then add your devices …

MAG 254 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. – ManualsLib

View and Download MAG 254 user manual online. 254 Set-top boxes pdf
manual download. … High definition iptv set-top-box (2 pages) … three different
remotes for the MAG receiver – find yours below To get to the EPG, press the EPG

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